Food supplement hair and nails DENSIPHYL

Food supplement hair and nails DENSIPHYL

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Food supplement hair and nails with minerals, brewer's yeast, vitamins, amino acids, pumpkin seed oil
This food supplement is rich in nutrients including zinc which helps maintain normal hair and nails.


L-cystine: 240.00 mg
L-methionine: 200.00 mg
Brewer's yeast: 100.00 mg
Pumpkin seed oil: 70.00 mg
Magnesium: 150.00 mg (40,0%)
Zinc: 10.00 mg (100,0%)
Vitamin B3: 16.00 mg (100.0%)
Vitamin B5: 6.00 mg (100.0%)
Vitamin B2: 1.40 mg (100.0%)
Vitamin B6: 1.40 mg (100.0%)
Vitamin B1: 1.10 mg (100.0%)
Vitamin B8/H: 50.00 μg (100.0%)

RI* : Reference Intake

Ingrédients clés

Agent de charge : phosphate dicalcique, oxyde de magnésium d’origine marine, l-cystine,
agent de charge : cellulose microcristalline, l-méthionine,
agent de charge : phosphate tricalcique, levure de bière (saccharomyces cerevisiae), gluconate de zinc, huile de pépins de courge (cucurbita pepo),
anti-agglomérant : sels de magnésium d’acides gras, nicotinamide (vitamine b3/pp), d-pantothénate de calcium (vitamine b5), d-biotine (vitamine b8/h), chlorhydrate de pyridoxine (vitamine b6), riboflavine (vitamine b2), chlorhydrate de thiamine (vitamine b1).


Application tips

2 tablets per day with a large glass of water. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements must be used as part of a healthy lifestyle and not be used as substitutes for a varied and balanced diet.