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A delicate blend of three oils – Abyssinian oil, camelina oil and white lupin oil – enriched with everlasting flower*, this oil leaves hair feeling soft and supple. Nourished and protected from breakage, the hair is easy to style.
* Italian everlasting flower proceeding from environmentally-friendly farming and mainly cultivated manually.

Ingrédients clés

ABYSSINIA OIL: feeds and facilitates the hairstyling

WHITE LUPIN OIL: is nourishing and protects thanks to the contribution of vitamins E

CAMELINA OIL: is nourishing and softens by bringing essential fatty acids.

R: anti-breakage effect

DISCIPLINING AGENT: facilitate the hairstyling by smoothing the cuticle.


Application tips

Use before styling, on towel-dried hair: spray 1-2 times into palm of hand, then apply to lengths and ends. Can also be used on dry hair as a finishing touch: spray once into palm of hand then apply in small dabs to the lengths and ends needing to be tamed. Avoid all contact with eyes.